A Dutch composer releases an album recorded by the best orchestras

HOLLAND — Recording an hour-long album with some of the best orchestral musicians in the business wasn’t something Daniel Fisher had ever dreamed of when he started tinkering with his own musical ideas on a $50 piano at the time. ‘university.

Fisher, a retired engineer living in North Holland, composed music as a hobby for most of his life, but had mostly only shared those compositions with friends and family. The first public performance of his work took place at his own wedding.

Today an album of his compositions, performed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra, London Symphony Orchestra, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and several soloists and recorded at Abbey Road Studios and Air Studios in London, is available for purchase and streaming. on major music platforms.

“I had a few lucky ones, as people often do,” Fisher said. “The first was in the 80s, when they came up with something called MIDI, so I could plug my keyboards into my computer and my software and write on a computer. Before that, I was just doing everything hand and on a piano, and now I can layer instruments on top of each other, which is really really cool.

Dutch composer Daniel Fisher plays the piano in his home studio on Wednesday, July 20, 2022. Fisher's album

Computer software made orchestral composition possible for Fisher, a self-taught composer.

“I started putting together six instruments, then 12, then 20, and it was pretty exciting,” he said.

The tracks for her debut album, “Places Far Away,” have been in the works for decades. Fisher has traveled millions of miles on business and personal trips to 25 countries, including frequent visits to China, Japan and Vietnam. He drew on his travels to inspire his music.

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Fisher said he often works on his music on airplanes and in airports, taking advantage of the uninterrupted time to focus and capture new memories of travel.

“I go back to my computer and just start trying to translate that feeling of adventure into music that I can share with other people,” Fisher said. “I also think I’m generally a very positive person, and I think it’s not by design that that comes through in my music. It’s just uplifting music.”

The second “stroke of luck” that led to “Places Far Away” was a chance meeting with Dutch pianist and composer Ian Mulder, who invited Fisher to the UK to see the recording of one of the albums of Mulder then offered to record one of Fisher’s tracks. with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in 2016.

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Over the next six years, the album came together, and Fisher formed his own publishing company to release the album, MGFB Music (named after his grandchildren’s initials).

Two of his works were performed by a live orchestra for the first time in 2019 at a Holland Symphony Orchestra concert.

Not quite classical in style, Fisher’s compositions use classical instrumentation to carry melodies that evoke epic adventure and tender moments – more like the soundtrack to an emotional scene in a movie than a traditional piece of music. classic.

At 2-3 minutes each, the tracks are shorter than many traditional classical works, making it easier to listen to. Several of the pieces were written for family members, such as the closer album “Not Even the Rain”, written for Fisher’s wife.

Dutch composer Daniel Fisher plays the piano in his home studio on Wednesday, July 20, 2022. Fisher's album

Fisher said he hopes his music will be accessible to classical music fans and non-classical music fans alike.

Although he is an unknown composer, his album received a boost when it was featured on Spotify’s editorial playlist, “Classical New Releases”.

Following its June 24 release, “Places Far Away” hit No. 3 on Billboard’s “Traditional Classical” album chart for the first week of July.

Still, Fisher is aware that he works with a smaller audience than popular genres like hip-hop and pop music, for example, and getting his music to new people won’t be easy.

“It’s going to take time, because people don’t know me,” Fisher said. “There’s a lot of music out there for so few people to listen to.”

The album is available on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and copies of the CD are available on Amazon and Fisher’s website, danielfishermusic.com.

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