Actraiser Renaissance composer hopes it will lead to more cult SNES covers

Actraiser Renaissance was just one of Nintendo Switch’s dizzying announcements last week, but its composer is hoping it will be the start of an SNES renaissance.

The new game, which was announced at Nintendo Direct September and released on PC, PS4, Switch, Android and iOS shortly thereafter, is a remake and reboot of the 1990 SNES game Actraiser. Composer Yuzo Koshiro created the soundtrack of the original Actraiser and Rebirth, and it revealed on his personal Twitter account that the latter game has had “big sales,” which he hopes could lead to the rebirth of more games from the same studio.

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Actraiser was the first title from Japanese developer Quintet, which would go on to create more popular SNES games including Soul Blazer, Illusion of Gaia, Robotrek and Terranigma in the years to come, all released by Enix before its merger with SquareSoft. Quintet production continued throughout the PS2 era, but it seems to have died out since then.

While many classic Square Enix SNES games have been remastered and re-released in many ways since their appearance, Quintet’s portfolio has largely fallen into obscurity. Terranigma was never even officially released in North America, although that didn’t stop it from gaining a reputation as a cult classic action RPG among retro game enthusiasts.

We reached out to Koshiro’s Ancient Co. to see if they could tell us more about their hopes of seeing Quintet games come to life. The studio politely declined due to their busy schedule, although they said it was fine for us to cover the Tweets themselves. We’re pretty sure that means the ball is in your court to keep these revivals going, Square Enix.

If nothing else, that would be a great excuse to pop them all straight into our list of best RPGs.

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