‘AGT’: Drum Lines, Fantastic Vocals and Young Dancers Shine on Night 2 of Qualifiers – Check Out the Best Numbers!

‘AGT’: Drum Lines, Fantastic Vocals and Young Dancers Shine on Night 2 of Qualifiers – Check Out the Best Numbers!

America’s Got Talent kicked off its second live qualifying rounds night of the season, and the performances are even bigger and crazier than last week.

More acts — all of whom were the best of the best from the long auditions — returned to face the judges once again at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood, and they upped the production value and energy levels for each performance.

The pressure to deliver big was even higher than their first time on stage, and some of the night’s hopefuls brought their A-game in a bid to impress the judges and, more importantly, the viewers at home who will vote for who moves on to the next stage of the competition. Only two can move on!

From musical impressionists to fairy singers to young dance crews, here’s a look at the acts that stood out from the crowd on Tuesday with some truly impressive performances.


This group of drum lines from Chicago took to the stage with the goal of delivering a next-level performance. Together, they wowed the judges with their rendition of Masked Wolf’s “Astronaut in the Ocean” and earned a standing ovation from the audience and all four judges.

“You deserve to be here on stage, you deserve to be in the final. It was amazing!” Howie Mandel marveled after the powerful performance.

Simon Cowell added: “It’s not just about talent, it’s about how much you want to win something. For every second during this performance, I felt your energy, your passion, your determination, your preparation I don’t know how you follow this. It was, in my opinion, a master class! Congratulations.

Being able to make impressions is already an impressive feat, as is being able to sing well. But being able to sing along with the voices of different celebrities that you impersonate is a whole different art form, and the Brown Brothers pull it off beautifully. Gabriel and Nate Brown wowed with striking impressions of Mickey Mouse, Bon Jovi, Blake Shelton and more, all singing in harmony a cover of “A Million Dreams.” Add some visual tricks and the pair put on a striking number worthy of a headlining show.

“I thought it was clever, quirky, it was like presented in a deeper way, it felt like a Vegas show to me,” Sofia Vergara remarked. “I liked you at the audition, but I liked you tonight.”

This incredible act shows the true power that can be forged by mixing together unlikely elements. Two “rival” dance teams – a jazz dance group and a breakdance team – have come together to create Fusion Japan, and their routine is one of the most jaw-dropping numbers of the night.

“I’m totally on sensory overload, there’s so much going on, yet it’s so perfect at the same time, even though there’s so much going on,” Heidi Klum said admiringly. “I love how you combine your two dance styles and how it works so well. Well done!”

A 19-year-old cosplayer and Legend of Zelda fan, who goes by the stage name Freckled Zelda, brought a bit of magic and levity to the night, not holding back from her incredible voice, costumes or design of production. Playing an old-school ocarina (of course), Freckled Zelda won over the crowd with its ethereal rendition of Limahl’s “Never Ending Story.”

“I have to tell you that my daughter and one of her best friends are here today and it’s not because of me or any of the acts tonight, but because of you.” is amazed Heidi. “You have a beautiful voice and you transformed me into your world for the time you were up there.”

Bringing sensuality and seductive acrobatics to the stage – or, more accurately, above the stage – Duo Rings amped up the danger and sultry sensibilities for their performance on Tuesday, leaving the judges a bit speechless regarding comments.

“It was spectacular, it was perfection. It was, as Heidi said, sexy. I can feel the couple connection you have and the work you put into it,” Sofia said. “The transitions have been so smooth, and I want more.”

“You both came to the final with this passion, as I said before, and the determination to win,” added Simon. “You did something outside of your comfort zone. It was exciting. That’s what you want in a final. I think it was so much better than your first audition”

Some singers on AGT are powerhouses, some have emotional backstories, Wyn Starks ticks both boxes and makes you want to root almost inherently. In his pre-recorded video package, Wyn revealed the impact his twin brother’s untimely death had on him, and on Tuesday he sang one of his brother’s favorite songs, Benson Boone’s “In The Stars.” The performance, the story, the perseverance, it all culminated in a truly memorable AGT moment.

“You are a very, very, very brave man, Wyn, I have to hand it to you,” Simon shared. “You know, to be able to sing after that movie, I don’t know how you did that. The reason we put you in touch with the [live rounds] was your audition was one of those auditions you will remember. And now to be able to pay this tribute to your brother like you just did, I think it was remarkable.”

Check out the two acts America votes for in the finals when America’s Got TalentResults for the show will debut Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

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