Angelina Jolie reunites with her son Maddox, Japanese musician Miyavi at the Tokyo Maleficent 2 premiere


The Hollywood actress is visiting Japan for the first time in five years with her two eldest children.

Tokyo is no stranger to big Hollywood stars, with everyone from Tom Hanks and Keanu Reeves visiting the city for their promotional film tours. Yesterday evening, however, there was an additional special visitor to the capital, such as Angeline Jolie graced us all with her presence at the premiere of Maleficent 2.

â–¼ Jolie shone on the red carpet in a couture metallic fringe flap dress by Ralph & Russo.

The Disney film premiere drew a lot of attention in Japan, with 1,100 fans gathered at the Roppongi Hills Arena to catch a glimpse of the star of the new film. And when Jolie arrived, she got out of a black vehicle with two of her children, Zahara, 14, and Maddox, 18, who are currently studying biochemistry at Yonsei University in South Korea.

After arriving with her children, Jolie spent at least half an hour signing autographs and posing for photos with fans, some of whom had dressed up as the Black-Horned Maleficent for the event.

Jolie was not the only one Maleficent star to appear at the premiere, as a Japanese musician and actor Miyavi, Who’s playing You do in the movie, was also there to greet the fans.

?? Miyavi looked dapper in her costume.

?? Sam riley, Who’s playing Diaval, also came to Tokyo to greet the adoring fans.

The trio posed for photos at the start of the event …

As Jolie’s daughter Zahara sat supportively on the sidelines, waiting for her mother to step onto the Disney stage.

When Jolie appeared on stage, there was a dramatic blossoming of lights, sounds and smoke …

And then a gorgeous Maleficent LED screen appeared behind the actress, with a pair of wide wings flapping gently up and down for dramatic effect.

â–¼ Maleficent knows how to make an entrance.

The bright lighting reminded all of us that we were in the presence of Disney’s Maleficent, and the star of the film then stepped forward to give the crowd a few words about the film alongside his co-stars.

“We are all delighted to be here with you tonight. Thanks all for coming. We are very happy to present this film to you and we hope you will enjoy it.

Riley then addressed the crowd with a warm and enthusiastic “konban wa” (“good evening”), which earned him applause from the crowd. He thanked everyone for the warm welcome and said he hoped they would enjoy the movie.

Miyavi then waved to the crowd in Japanese, saying how happy he was to attend the premiere, before asking everyone to motivate themselves for the film.

Jolie then discussed the character of Maleficent, saying:

“I think we all have someone like Maleficent; we are all like Maleficent. There is something wild in each of us, there is something that longs to be free in each of us, and we have all, at times in our lives, been hurt, and we have felt lost and separated and different. , and we choose to fight over and fight and come together, and so I think that’s really what the movie is about, and what it represents; that part of you that’s wild and moving forward, no matter what people say, and no matter what life throws at you. “

Asked what the film represents, she replied:

“The family is not only made of blood. That we are strong in our diversity and that we are better when we come together and respect each other ”

Jolie was then asked about where she was in Japan and her thoughts on Japan, to which she replied:

“Well my first stop was Kiddy Land but I love being here and it has been way too long since I was here and will be back very soon. I won’t let that much time go by next time.

She then messaged the crowd, saying:

?? “To all the other Evils, I send you my love. You wear the horns well.

It was then time to count down to the opening of the film, and when the trio counted from three to one, Jolie gave everyone Maleficent’s signature “Good, good” as multi-colored confetti was shot into the arena.

?? “Good good.”

▼ The trio then got together to pose again in front of the cameras…

Before leaving the stage, to the applause of hundreds of fans who came to support the film and its iconic stars.

?? Maleficent 2 premieres in Japan on October 18.

Hopefully Jolie will keep her word and won’t go so long between visits to Japan in the future, especially now that her son is studying at a nearby university.

And maybe next time around, she’ll strive to be as adventurous as her on-screen characters and set out to explore some of the unknown regions outside of Tokyo, just like Keanu Reeves did, when he nourished his soul with a trip to the country’s artistic islands in September.

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