Daniel Fisher: Composer, producer and more

Last year around this time I was asked to join a project with only the promise of adventure. I went on a Zoom call to meet Daniel Fisher, a retired engineer who had been composing music on the side for many years. Over the next year, I was introduced to the intricacies of creating and composing albums with unforgettable experiences along the way.

Daniel is no ordinary man. He has traveled over a million miles for work and been to China 114 times, Japan 46 times, Vietnam 20 times, and every other country you could name. He creates, writes, listens, evaluates, transposes, adds instruments, subtracts instruments… he really does it all. The idea of ​​“getting something out of your head and onto paper” is one of the many struggles in college. Daniel demonstrated that it is very possible and gave me hope (as a student) struggling to put my own ideas on paper. Seeing his creative process gave me a new perspective on approaching problems creatively.

I received an email in mid-June informing me that Daniel was boarding a plane for London to finish recording his album. As a classical composer, Daniel Fisher had the opportunity to record his album in a few notable places. The first photo I received from London was of Dan standing in front of the “Abbey Road Studio” sign, almost in the same iconic location as the Beatles for their Abbey Road album. I knew in an instant how serious this project would be. Daniel’s album-making journey is one for books, and I couldn’t be more amazed at the places it has taken him.

Since this photo, Daniel has finished the album and is in the release phase. Its first single was released on January 28 and shares the same title as the upcoming album “Places Far Away”. When Daniel shared the title of the project with me, it made total sense based on the adventures he’s had in life. There is a full version of his story, along with the first single from his website. I encourage you to go check out the page and read in depth the incredible true story of Daniel Fisher on his quest to conquer Places Far Away.

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