Dishonest Akufo Addo only surrounds himself with praise singers – Dr Amoako Baah

Dr Amoako Baah, a former NNP presidential hopeful, who happens to be the host of Ultimate FM’s flagship Sunday night show, made the statement on his show.

“He’s not being honest. Things are happening that he’s supposed to come out and say something…. No. He’ll shut up like he doesn’t hear anything.” he lamented, quoted by

“Why should the president fly in private jets like someone told him someone had ‘jujued’ his plane and if he sits in it he will die. I will understand that but take a flight commercial; first class; reserve three seats around you. You’re safe. Sleep.

“But he says no. He wants luxury. He wants to take a bath on the plane before morning. That alone is worth millions.”

He went further in condemning the way the economy is facing challenges and Ghanaians are going through excruciating hardships, but the president, who is supposed to be the one in charge of the country’s affairs, does not show concern. but attaches more importance to satisfying his insatiable desire for luxury.

“Of course the president doesn’t think about it, otherwise he will feel guilty. He steals while the kids are hungry. What kind of leader is he?” he asked.

“Government sectors don’t get paid because there is no money but he keeps stealing like everything is fine. It’s so shameful and I feel for him because I love the man and I devoted myself to getting him elected and he was elected. Look what happened to him because he took his friends and those who praise him.”

North Tongu MP Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa has been following the president’s overseas trips in expensive private jets, while the presidential jet remains in good condition.

He lamented that the President has spent over $34 million in the past 13 months on private jets at the expense of the suffering Ghanaian taxpayer.

Meanwhile, the government recently announced that experts had assessed the presidential plane and concluded it was not fit for overseas travel, a claim Ablakwa has dismissed, alleging the plane continues to be used by as yet unknown persons for long journeys. .

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