Here’s Composer Gregory Reveret’s Opening Theme For The Netflix TV Adaptation – Exclusive

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Gregory Reveret, composer of the next Netflix series adaptation resident Evil, knew how important it was to capture the heart of the game in the show’s opening theme. “I grew up playing Resident Evil 2 when I was 15, so it was a deeply personal thing for me to honor the influences of the iconic Japanese score,” he said. Result by email. “I also had to deliver a score that could follow the modern timeline of this story, which is based in South Africa.”

Based on the plot of the beloved video game, the new live-action resident Evil follows a young heroine who breaks the boundaries of a dystopian society and navigates a world that may not be far from the one we might one day inhabit.

Reveret was tasked with making sure the show was as terrifying as the games, though crafting a soundtrack that paid homage to the franchise, while offering something new, was a difficult feat. “There’s so much cool action in this series, with these epic chase scenes throughout,” he says. “Our heroine is this badass who never stops fighting. I wanted the score to carry her battles and hopefully give resident Evil fans something they could be really proud of, as a passionate video game community that grew up with this franchise.

Honoring the fans, to be clear, was a priority: “My goal has always been to put the interests of the fans first. I worked hard to give fans something they had never heard before – to have a big action score that could feel like it was recorded in South Africa, while still being able to hit the big one resident Evil horror. It also had to be current and modern, in a way that would appeal to the show’s tough female characters.

Reveret talks about how he incorporated his personal style into the score, including elements of his personal journey and the music that inspired him. “I bought this obscure lab/test equipment that was originally used in NASA labs that isn’t really meant to make music, but it sounds really interesting and lively,” he says. . “It gave the music a cool industrial edge and eventually became a main feature of the score. A lot of the story is based in my hometown of Cape Town, South Africa, so I also worked with local musicians and recorded a South African orchestra, which I’m very proud of.

Besides the inspiration of his hometown, Reveret’s core work is in EDM music. He is best known for his captivating work, as evidenced by his collaborations with deadmau5. “Having an unconventional background in this industry has made me feel a little uncertain at times,” says Reverent. “But, little did I know that it was this experience that would eventually become one of my greatest strengths down the line.” His EDM influences are prominent throughout the show’s soundtrack, cultivating jaw-dropping moments of suspense throughout.

Listen to the resident Evil opening theme song, “Venus Flytrap,” below and watch the series on Netflix, starting July 14. The Reveret soundtrack will be available from July 15.

Resident Evil Netflix Opening Theme

Courtesy of Sony Music

Resident Evil: Here is composer Gregory Reveret’s opening theme for the Netflix TV adaptation — Exclusive
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