Japanese musician builds cultural bridges with Turkey



A Japanese musician dazzles Turkish audiences by combining elements of music from both cultures.

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In an exclusive interview with Anadolu agency, Atsuko Suetomi said that she was very happy to represent Japanese music in Turkey and that she wanted to create a common musical language by working with Turkish artists.

Suetomi said she had received positive feedback from Turks on her performance of the koto, a traditional Japanese string instrument.

“The Turks say the instrument is felt deep inside,” she said, adding that some people said it brought them peace.

Suetomi was born in Japan and studied Japanese culture and Japanese music at Musashino University and Takasaki University of Fine Arts.

After a month-long tour in 2005, she moved to Turkey as she was impressed with the culture, including the differences in music.

“Turkish musicians improvise by playing their instruments, but they don’t do it in traditional Japanese music,” she added.

For more than a decade, Suetomi has contributed to Turkish-Japanese friendship by working with prominent Turkish musicians and orchestras.

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The rhythmic structure of Turkish music combined with the calm of Japanese music creates strong feelings, she said.

Suetomi added that she would continue to introduce the koto and continue her work training others.

Turkey touches her and makes her nostalgic, she said, explaining that this is why she moved to Turkey despite not knowing the language.

“Turkish musicians, even though they are academically trained, play with a more sincere and freer feeling,” she said.

Suetomi said that by performing in Japan she included Turkish music and also wanted to bring Turkish musicians on her Japanese tours.

Turkey and Japan hold festival in honor of Galen

Turkey and Japan hold festival in honor of Galen


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