Japanese musician Daigo Hanada explores vulnerability and hope on Satori

Japanese composer and pianist Daigo Hanada journey through uncertainty and melancholy to hope on 13-track second albumSatori. The delicate and vulnerable piano disc assembles one note at a time despite a sudden and debilitating physical illness, pushing through the darkness into the light of optimism.

Opening with the mellow styles of “Shimmer in the Sky,” in the slow-burning, melodic title track, the album is an uplifting tapestry of sound driven by the highs and lows of Hanada’s personal experiences. From the blurry construction of “Dear” to the lull of “Yura,” Satori’s strength lies in his ability to find consistency yet distinctly unique in each song.

The remarkable offering “Kage” is a layered and emotive production that brings out the raw and more vulnerable aspects of the album while the intricate weave of “Happiness Is” evokes the joy within us. The meditative climax “In The Wind” moves into the resounding closing notes of “And It Goes On” closer, leaving us wanting more.

A heartwarming soundtrack for those “going through pain and suffering”, the work’s ethereal body is an intimate yet expansive world of sound, ending in setbacks and challenges, in a more hopeful space. .

Having been surrounded by music from an early age, Tokyo-raised Hanada’s music is a vessel of peace and tranquility crafted on subtle yet intensely packed compositions. Heartbreaking but framed by elevation, Satorican draw on personal experiences, but feels like a calming experience that each of us can turn to in good times and bad.

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