Japanese musician Naoko Sakata releases new solo piano album

Incantatory keys.

Naoko Sakata is releasing a new album, titled Dance for the spirits, in March via Pomperipossa Records.

Speaking of the LP, the label shares: “it is the result of an experimental approach to music, where each note follows the previous one without a determined principle other than that of absolute freedom.

“When I sit in front of the piano, as a person, I disappear,” explains Sakata. “My body becomes a conduit for expressing the music I can hear in my head.”

“There are no obstacles to its achievement and I do not respect the rules to get there. It is at the same time something natural and highly spiritual, sacred and wild, something that lives in an instant and only in this, before disappearing forever.

Pre-order Dance for the spirits here ahead of its March 26 release, and check out the tracklist below.

List of tracks:

1. Improvisation 1
2. Improvisation 2
3. Improvisation 3
4. Improvisation 4
5. Improvisation 5
6. Improvisation 6
7. Improvisation 7

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