Japanese Musician Ringo Sheena’s CD Release Postponed After Product Design Criticism

A freebie card case that was to accompany Ringo Sheena’s new limited CD can be seen in this photo taken from the Universal Music LLC website. The design has been criticized as closely resembling Japan’s medical “aid mark”.

TOKYO – The release of famous Japanese musician Ringo Sheena’s new CD has been postponed after the design of a freebie attached to the limited-edition version was criticized for resembling the “help mark” medical pictogram for people in need of medical assistance. assistance.

The limited edition CD was also to come with a mask case with the Red Cross emblem.

Universal Music LLC announced on October 18 that it would be postponing the CD release to redesign the free card cases and face mask covers to give away with the album. The design of the card case closely resembled the Japanese “help mark” pictogram for people requiring assistance or consideration for internal medical issues, mental disabilities, and other issues not obvious to the eye. The mask cases featured a red cross on a white background. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government, which created the aid mark, and the Japanese Red Cross demanded that the music label revamp the merchandise.

A label with the real medical ‘help mark’ for people who need help or consideration is seen at the municipal government office in the city of Musashino in suburban Tokyo. (Mainichi/Moe Yamamoto)

Universal Music released a statement on its website saying, “We sincerely apologize for making those who use the Help Mark and strive to promote it feel anxious and uncomfortable.” Regarding how promotional merchandise is designed and produced, the company said, “We will review our control system, corporate compliance and employee ethics education, and strive to avoid that they do not reproduce”.

An official from the Metropolitan Government’s Social Welfare and Public Health Office said: “We have received complaints from users of help marks. We would like to respect the company’s decision.”

According to the Japanese Red Cross, the use of the cross emblem is strictly defined by the Geneva Convention and Japanese laws.

(Japanese original by Moe Yamamoto, Digital News Center)

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