Online Credit vs. Bank Loan


There are many things in life that you can not afford to finance from your income or savings, so you do not have to do without these things, there is the possibility of borrowing money in the form of a loan.

There are many different types of loans provided by banks. So there is the small loan , which is usually awarded up to a sum of 5,000 euros, as well as the instant loan , which is usually awarded without use. But also loans with a specific purpose are part of the loan offer, such as a car loan or construction credit , with them the borrower must prove that he has used the loan for the purpose intended.

Another type of loan is the credit line, because it does not have to be applied for separately, it is granted to bank customers with checking accounts up to a certain amount. Since the introduction of tuition fees, a loan for students is no longer a rarity. All these loans are various forms of loans offered and awarded by German banks.

However, there are loans that are not provided by banks in Germany, such as the loan without Schufa . It is offered by foreign banks and is suitable for German consumers who are unable to obtain credit from a German bank due to a negative Schufa entry.

Even the private loan is an installment loan that can be applied for, but it does not come from a bank but from a private person. In the past, borrowers and financiers used to know each other because they were family members or acquaintances. Today, online platforms allow you to find private financiers that you do not know personally.


Credit from the internet vs. bank loan

Credit from the internet vs. bank loan

Loans from German banks are still the most popular type of loan, but there is also a change here, as more and more frequently a loan is applied for online. This offers consumers numerous advantages, because on the Internet you do not have to keep any opening hours, you do not have to wait for an appointment with a loan officer and the range of loans is larger. With a credit comparison, you can quickly and easily compare online loans and select a suitable loan, this can then apply for online form and can be happy within a few days on a suitable loan.


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