Persona composer Shoji Meguro’s new game is Guns Undarkness

At the Indie Live Expo Winter 2021, Character the new game from composer Shoji Meguro Fire arms appeared. This indie PC game is currently in development and will appear both in Japan and globally. Meguro will act as composer and developer.

Fire arms essentially puts people in the shoes of mercenaries. Each person acts as a member of a private military company (PMS). The objective of your team is to face opponents as a result of nuclear war strikes in countries. While there are turn-based battles and it’s an RPG, you also try to squeeze through spaces. So while you fight, you also have to stealthily infiltrate areas to complete missions.

Here is the full stream of Indie Live Expo Winter 2021, which included a preview of the Character the new game of the composer of the series.

While Meguro is best known as a songwriter, he held other roles at Atlus. For example, he acted as a director on the Shin Megami Tensei: Persona PlayStation Portable version. He also worked on the Trauma center series. As you might expect, Meguro also acted as sound director on the Persona 3 dance, Persona 4 dance, and Persona 5 dance Games. He left Atlus in October 2021.

Shoji Meguro’s new game Fire arms is in development for PC. It will appear in English and Japanese. The Steam page is online.

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