PreCure Anime Soundtrack Composer Yasuharu Takanashi to Host “CureMetalNite 2022” Concert

Yasuharu Takanashi is known for his works on the soundtrack of many popular anime series, such as FAIRY TALE, Naruto Shippudenand the PreCure series (2009’s Precure fresh! to 2012 Smile PreCure♪). It has been confirmed that his live concert “Yasuharu Takanashi CureMetalNite 2022” will be held at ShinjukuReNY in Tokyo on September 3, 2022.

Takanashi introduced hard rock and heavy metal sounds to the PreCure soundtrack, which until then had been mostly orchestral, and his style is known to fans as “Cure Metal”. Then, due to fan demand, he held a series of live concerts with his band featuring his PreCure music, titled “CureMetalNite” from 2014 to 2016. “CureMetalNite 2022” will be his first “CureMetal” concert in six years.

“PreCure All Stars Daikatsuyaku! ~Kannin Bukuro no O ga Kiremashita! Yasuharu Takanashi live ver.”

“Only wonderful!” with Asami Tano (Akane Hino/Cure Sunny in Smile PreCure♪)

Yasuharu Takanashi:

Source: Animate times

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