Silent Hill Composer: “When I heard about Slitterhead, the dots had finally been connected”


Expect the soundtrack to Slitterhead, the new horror game from the creator of Silent Hill, to have a similar feel to the survival horror classic. Slitterhead composer Akira Yamaoka, who also created the music for Silent Hill, says he will approach the soundtrack for the new game the same way: using musical elements that aren’t normally associated with horror to create another kind of fear.

Yamaoka explained how he joined Slitterhead in an 11-minute interview posted on developer Bokeh Game Studio’s YouTube page. In it, the famous composer talks at length about his approach to composition and his involvement in the new game from Silent Hill creator Keiichiro Toyama.

Yamaoka says he first heard about the new game while drinking with Toyama, who used words like “90s,” “urban” and “Asian taste.” “When I finally hear about Slitterhead,” Yamaoka said, “it’s like the dots have finally been connected.”

He uses a Japanese phrase ‘Ki wo terau’ – to deliberately act in a weird way – as an example of his ideas for the music in the game. attractive, ”he explains.

Regarding the composition in general, Yamaoka says he starts each new project thinking about the idea as a whole, considering what the game will offer to anyone who plays it. “From there,” he says, “I dive into what’s possible in terms of sound, and then I start working.

You can watch the full 11-minute video above. Slitterhead was unveiled at the Game Awards 2021 and will be the debut game in the all-new Bokeh Game Studio. It is also Keiichiro Toyama’s first new game since Gravity Rush 2 in 2017.

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