The Best BTS Singers, Ranked

K-pop group BTS has incredibly multifaceted members in RM, Jin, SUGA, j-hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook. Between the seven, they divide their talents between producing, songwriting, dancing, rapping, and singing, and are usually grouped into a rap line and a vocal line.

Since BTS was originally created as a hip-hop group with RM, SUGA and j-hope, the three were never meant to be singers but, as the group moved into the pop spectrum, even they had to issue a note or two. As for the singers, monotony is out of order BTS‘ Glossary. Jin, Jimin, V and Jungook all bring something very different to the band’s sound.

If classification BTS‘dancers, rappers, or even songwriters’ is already a daunting task, then categorizing them as singers definitely takes the controversial cake. Although the versatility of the vocal line is an undeniable advantage for the group, it ultimately makes it more difficult to compare each singer, and therefore virtually impossible to rank them fairly. For this reason, this list primarily considers pitch, range, control, projection and consistency, as these are qualities that can be judged more objectively than, for example, timbre or interpretation/ emotion.

Rankings of BTS‘ singers are always a source of animosity. Numbers 5 and 1 on this list are the most consensual, while numbers 7 and 6 are not really critical, since their main job in the group is to rap. It’s the middle ranks that are notoriously trickier subjects, with numbers 4, 3, and 2 essentially interchangeable, but for the purposes of this article, they had to be ordered.

Legal notices presented, here is the classification of BTS‘ from the weakest singers to the strongest.


As mentioned, Suga might as well be placed in 6, but his ranking as BTS’ weakest singer comes down to one basic factor: effort. Where number 6 on this list, RM, sings more often, Suga is perfectly fine focusing on his rapping (in a ranking of BTS rappers, he would come first.)

When trying to sing, Suga can produce solid vocals and has a bit higher range than number 6, although both struggle with pitch. In BTS‘ most recent versions, nor dynamite or permission to dance featured all the rapping moments, which allowed SUGA to show what he can really do with his singing voice. Suga also sings in his solo song Trivia 轉: Swing.

6. RM

RM often adds vocal elements to his solo music. His solo mixtape mono. sings in almost every song. RM’s singing voice is distinctly low, soft and breathy, and overall very pleasant and melodic. Like BTS‘s lead songwriter, RM often serves as a vocal guide in demos for singers, which are among the most serious and clear examples of his vocals.

5. I hope

j-hope is BTS‘hidden singing weapon. Despite being a third of the rap line, the 28-year-old usually pulls his own weight when it comes to singing. j-hope has better pitch, projection, and control than his rapping counterparts, and is generally more comfortable in a higher register. You can find some of j-hope’s best vocals in songs like MOM, spring day, do it right, Telepathy, Life goes onand dynamite.

4. Jimin

As a countertenor, Jimin has a kind of voice that any band would be lucky enough to have. the Promise singer is responsible for some of the most stunning high notes and soulful performances of BTS‘ discography. Jimin’s undeniable strength is his lead voice, the most effortless, stable and clean of the vocal line, as well as a natural agility that predisposes him to beautiful stylistic complements like riffs and vibratos, which he uses with just right.

To varying degrees, each BTS the singer struggles to breathe – likely due to inconsistent vocal training – which impairs his ability to produce powerful, sustained vocals. To add to that, Jimin’s instrument is naturally smaller than his vocal line counterparts, which creates that tension in his voice while being even more evident. The belt that came naturally to them at first became more difficult to maintain due to the band’s incessant touring and vocally demanding repertoire. Jimin can also sometimes struggle with the pitch.

The inevitable rest during the pandemic helped, however, and Jimin delivered one of his strongest vocal performances in years in BTS‘ 2021 single in Japanese Movie release.

Overall, Jimin’s voice is smooth, beautiful, and when used correctly can make BTS‘ The songs sound incredibly unique.

3. Jin

Jin, alongside Jungkook, is BTS‘ the most reliable and consistent vocalist with impressive vocal projection and power. The 29-year-old shines the most in ballads as Epiphany, Awake, Yours, Abyss, and Moon where he can show the immense strength of his voice through his belt and his falsetto voices.

Jin is less prone to cracking up or singing out of tune in BTS‘ performances, but his voice sometimes sounds too nasal and breathy. Jin also tends to shout instead of sustaining his high notes, a problem that sometimes occurs in all BTS.

Jin earns third place on this list thanks to his consistency and dedication to bettering himself. In an interview with Korea timeJin’s vocal coach before his debut with BTS share:

“Long after his debut (…) he sent me a recorded song he practiced with me when he was an idol trainee saying, ‘Please listen to this’. He is a member of BTS who gives many concerts, but he still asked me, ‘Haven’t I improved a lot?’ »


V has the greatest range, as well as one of the strongest voices in BTS (only competed by Jin). A singer of impressive strength and versatility, he can sing with ease in any register (head, mixed, chest), although, much like Jin and Jimin, he also struggles with control, sustain, and especially ground.

As the only baritone in the vocal line, V is the strongest vocalist in a low register, but generally finds it easier to step out of his comfort zone than his counterparts. Considering BTS mainly write songs suitable for tenors, V had to sing in a register that is not the most comfortable that he naturally has, and yet put on magnificent performances. Just like his seductive and deep voice, V’s growl is also an iconic part of BTS lore and one of the band’s coolest secret weapons.

V’s most impressive voice can be heard in songs like Blue grey, Singularityor Stigmaamong many others.

1. Jungkook

Jungkook is the lead singer of BTS for a reason: he has been serious about his singing for a very long time. While the other vocal line members only started forming their pipes after joining BigHit (Jimin was studying dance, Jin was studying acting, and V was just accompanying a friend to auditions), Jungkook tried to pitch his vocals. . career for a while.

“I had to show improvements and achievements. I thought the only person who could take action and change things was myself. From that moment, I suppressed the idea of ​​an hour of vocal training in my head. In the car, in the shower… Of the 24-hour day, I tried to sing and I sang every minute possible.

Jungkook in an interview for a South Korean variety show, You quiz on the block.

Just like a blank canvas, Jungkook can do whatever he wants with his voice. From races to belts to falsetto, he is excellent in all techniques. Jungkook is the perfect pop and r&b singer, with a silky, clean and malleable sound. He also has incredible pitch and stability, given that he often sings while dancing. Of course, as BTS‘ lead singer, the group’s songs are aimed at him, but Jungkook could surely make his mark in any popular act right now.

As for the weaknesses, if you can even call them that, the Euphoria The singer has stylistic mannerisms — like breathiness and vocal frying — in his singing that can be distracting at times. Deeper notes are also harder for him than Jin or V, but those are just points in a world of qualities.

Although not the most powerful or technically perfect, BTS has one of the most recognizable vocal lines in K-pop and the music industry in general. Anyone interested in becoming a fan will soon notice how special each voice is and how lucky the group is to have Jimin, Jin, Taehyung and Jungkook (and of course the rap line too!).

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