The composer covers the main theme of Elden Ring in 15 different styles and they are all amazing

If you’ve played Elden Ring, you know the weird thing that happens when you reach the game’s main menu and you’re somehow forced to sit on the screen for at least 30 seconds while listening to what’s going on. can only be described as a hugely hyped start to the day’s Elden Ring session (or is that just me?).

It’s a great song – orchestral, epic, and a great way to start the game every time you boot it up. However, what if it was composed in a different style, maybe like a symphonic metal song? Or maybe a lofi hip-hop track? Well, composer Alex Moukala did that and more. In fact, Moukala covered the main theme of Elden Ring in 15 different styles: Spanish Guitar, Nu-Disco, Symphonic Metal, Smooth Jazz, Lofi Hip-Hop, Darksynth, Movie Trailer, Piano Solo, Baroque (my favorite), Reggae, Big Room House, French House, Trap x Traditional Japanese (maybe also my favorite) and Orchestral.

As you can see in the video above there isn’t a single Moukala style remixing the Elden Ring theme that doesn’t work – if I booted the latest From Software which is great but still best when playing with friends, and one of those has started playing, I’d be just as excited as I am when I hear the standard theme. If you like these remixes, you’re in luck because Moukala does this all the time. It has other “X Game In 15 Different Styles” videos, rewrites and rearrangements of video game trailers, music analysis and much more. All sound channel that’s great !

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Which style is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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