The frontman of the new Japanese group is an Australian wrestler who dresses like a five-year-old girl


Ladybaby, a strange three-piece band, released their first official single and have been on tour all year

Meet the bizarre group – with a leader who dresses like a five year old girl.

Ladybaby is a group of three pieces consisting of lead singer Ladybeard, Kaneko Rie, 17, and Kuromiya Rei, 14.

And while typical Japanese pop groups feature young teenage girls in costumes singing upbeat music, a professional transvestite wrestler from Australia is usually not part of the package.

Say cheese: a bizarre new Japanese pop group with a transvestite wrestler as lead singer

Ladybeard is said to have formed earlier this year and has been performing in Japan since 2013, so he has a lot of experience.

On the group’s website, he describes himself as a “five-year-old girl,” a look he tries to achieve with a myriad of bright dresses and two rather impressive pigtails.

The bizarre video for the group’s debut single, titled Nippon Manju, was shared on YouTube in early July and has since recorded 7.5 million views.

Weird: Band frontman says he loves to dress like a five-year-old

Their music is available on iTunes in the US for $ 0.69 (roughly 45p).

Or, you can head to Amazon buy the CD and DVD of the band’s song for a whopping £ 9.29.

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Are you going to download Ladybaby’s music?


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