Thundercat Pays Tribute To Japanese Composer Ryuichi Sakamoto On Lush Cover Of “Thousand Knives”

At each successive exit, thundercat further solidifies itself as one of the most innovative and talented musicians out there. This time, he’s releasing a cover of revered Japanese composer Ryuichi Sakamoto’s song “thousand knives.”

Thundercat injects a good dose of jazz and funk influences into its cover while preserving the whimsical spirit of the original. From the thunderous sound effects at the start to the bubbling effect on the bass guitar in the background, “Thousand Knives” is as playful as it is artistic. Something new Thundercat included in its release is the lyrics. While the original piece was instrumental only, Thundercat adds their lush falsetto, which acts as a dance partner for the insane guitar riffs as they dance to the verse.

Despite the bustle of the music, which sometimes features up to six different instruments or effects at the same time, it never feels overwhelming, which further pays homage to Thundercat’s songwriting talent.

This cover of “Thousand Knives” is part of a tribute compilation A Tribute to Ryuichi Sakamoto: To the Moon and Backwho will come out December 2. You can listen to “Thousand Knives” below. Enjoy!

Ryuichi Sakamoto – Thousand Knives (Thundercat Remodel)

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