Where can I apply for a credit card in Ukraine?

The most popular type of bank card is a credit card, with which you can use not only your personal money, but also have a certain credit limit, which the bank is ready to provide as a percentage. It is very convenient to use such cards, because when the personal money is not enough – the required amount, in fact, always with you.

Typically, you need to visit a bank office to make a card. Given that we are living in the age of information technology, it would be much more convenient to make cards online. With this article you will learn how to get a credit card online as quickly as possible.

A short story about how a plastic bank card came out

A short story about how a plastic bank card came out

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What you need to know before you apply for a credit card?

What you need to know before you apply for a credit card?

How much does the service cost?

Most banking institutions do not charge for the payment of this payment instrument, however, there are some that can withdraw from the balance about 10 UAH / month. for SMS information. Some banks have a fee of ± 30 UAH / month, but it is not charged if the cardholder actively uses it, for example, 10 or more transactions per month.

Interest rate

Comparing credit cards of different banks, we can say that the average rate is about 35-50% per annum. If you use a credit limit, a higher percentage is charged on the card than with “traditional” consumer lending. If you are offered a credit card with a very low interest rate, be sure to ask your credit manager how much the additional payments will cost.

Credit limits

The average limit without providing income statement is UAH 30,000. If necessary, you can apply for a bank card with a maximum limit of 50 000 UAH. There are also banking institutions that can provide a credit limit on the card up to 100 000 UAH, but such a client must have a perfect credit reputation and a high monthly income that can be confirmed. A credit card can also be a deposit card (interest will accrue on your personal money).

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